NAB - FSU Reps Take Our Issues Straight to the New CEO

Time to Pause and Reflect is Essential to Avoid Replicating Mistakes

With the leadership changes at NAB we arranged a meeting with the interim CEO, Phil Chronican, to share feedback from the FSU’s Big Finance Survey.

Central to the message we delivered was how much we respect both NAB and customers, but we’re concerned about NAB’s ability to adapt. Despite the implementation of the Sedgwick recommendations, and over 12 months of Royal Commission, nothing has really changed at NAB.

Big Issues for NAB Workers

Myrna, Paul, Ashlea, Lisa and Steve spoke about recent changes to the language around sales, but the pressure to sell remaining at an all-time high. Focus on compliance is increasing – but workers feel unsupported because the time to undertake important compliance functions is not available. We shared stories of our pay going backwards because Sedgwick was implemented unfairly, with staff ultimately paying the price for the failures of leadership.

Most importantly we stressed the ongoing problems with the restructure process and the need to rethink NAB’s current approach. Longer lead times on change, and opportunities to reskill to have a chance at the jobs of the future, are critical to a fair process that treats workers with dignity and respect.

NAB Endorses Our Industry Vision for the Future

Phil committed to look at these issues and facilitate further discussions between FSU and NAB promptly. Phil also agreed in principle to the key points of the FSU Blueprint for the Future, telling us it was a plan that was hard to argue against.

He stressed that he felt ashamed by the behaviour of the industry and was committed to making positive change.

Breakthrough with Retail Restructure Consultation Period

Mike Baird also came to talk about the Retail restructure. After hearing your real life stories about the process failures – including workers finding out about job cuts through the media, the pay calculator failing, and the challenges getting information from PAC – NAB has finally listened.

The consultation period has now been extended to 20 March and NAB will meet with FSU towards the end of the consultation period to work through the issues. Make sure you submit your feedback so were able to secure change.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary