22 July 2019

$50,000 WIN Superannuation Co-contribution Entitlements Paid.

Thanks to FSU Members who identified the adminstrative error; payment of the overdue co-contribution superannuation entitlements have now been made and the information forwarded to affected Superannuation companies.

The Union can advise that BoQ has:

  • written to all affected members and staff advising the additional 1.5% or in some cases 2% (as required by the BOQ Enterprise Agreement 2006) has been paid to the nominated superannuation funds;
  • contributed a compensation payment of 10% and have committed to paying any other costs associated with this error;
  • implemented additional payroll configurations to ensure this error is not repeated; and
  • committed to carrying out an analysis of past employees is soon to commence with a remedy as soon as possible following the analysis.

BoQ are to be commended for the pro-active approach to this administrative error considering the calculations, in some cases, go back to the year 2005 affecting current and past employees.


  • Check your Superannuation account regularly.
  • Clause 18 of your 2018 Enterprise agreement is simple– elect to contribute 3% of your salary to your nominated Superannuation account and BOQ will make an additional 1.5% contribution on your behalf. This amount must be specified as a % not a flat $ amount.
  • If you have contributed 3% of your salary and have not received communication from BoQ, contact FSU immediately.

If you know of past employees that may be affected, encourage them to contact FSU to ensure they are on the list of affected employees.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary