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With the current Westpac Group Enterprise Agreement due to expire on 31 December 2018, the FSU and Westpac will commence negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement (EA) in July.

This round of negotiations comes at a critical time for Westpac workers and more broadly our industry. At a time when there is increased scrutiny on workplace culture, conduct and pay structures through the Royal commission hearings we have a unique opportunity to lead the way on changes required to re-gain the trust and confidence of customers and our community.
We are also facing the challenges of a rapidly changing work environment and practices due to digital disruption and technology advances.
It is vital that we respond to the challenges we face together by campaigning for a new EA that ensures the work Westpac Group workers do today and into the future is Valued, Secure and Fair.


Westpac Group - Results are in!

A union survey of more than 3000 staff across Westpac Group shows pay, job security, workplace culture and conduct as priority issues in a new Westpac Group Enterprise Agreement.

A series of meetings have been held over recent weeks to hear the full details of the FSU Claim.
The survey results have been incorporated into the FSU Claim document, and all FSU members are being asked to vote on the claim. 
Don’t Forget to Record Your Workplace Votes Online at:
All votes need to be recorded by Friday 22 June.
Not a member yet? Join now to have your say at www.fsunion.org.au
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