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Vote Now! Westpac Group Staff voting Open to Secure Industry Leading Pay Increases

The FSU National Councils in Westpac and StGeorge/BankSA/BOM have endorsed the final outcome of negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement covering the Westpac Group. The Councils, comprising FSU members from around the country voted to endorse the proposals in the ballot of all effected staff that is now underway.

The proposed new enterprise agreement has a range of improvements and industry leading conditions. The improvements include:

  • A 3.25% fixed pay increase in 2019,2020 and 2021, for staff earning up to $82,500;
  • A minimum 2.25% fixed pay increase in 2019, 2020, and 2021,(with discretion for more), for staff earning between $82,501 and $106,500;
  • A 2% annual pool of funds to be spent on fixed pay increases for staff earning between $106,501 and $160,000. The pool of funds will be distributed based on remuneration review;
  • Introduction of a Future of Work Role;
  • Twenty (20) days paid leave for staff experiencing domestic and family violence;
  • Extending RRR, procedural fairness and allowances clauses to wealth employees;
  • An increase in compassionate leave from 2 days per occasion to 3 days per occasion;
  • An increase in paid parental leave for support carers from 2 weeks to 3 weeks;
  • A commitment to removing Leader boards and introducing ‘performance dashboards’, that are consistent with principles outlined in the Sedgwick Recommendations, and to change reporting systems to ensure that employees only see information about their own results;
  • Introduction of a casual conversion clause.

Vote to Secure Your Pay Increases

A staff ballot will be conducted by independent company Corpvote, who will send out instructions on the voting process. The ballot will open at 6.00am AEDT Friday 26 October and close at 8.00pm AEDT Thursday 1 November.

If a majority of staff who votes, vote “Yes” all the improvements we have campaigned together for will become a reality. We will secure our conditions and pay increases for the next three years.

If you have not received any information from CorpVote, email support@corpvote.com.au or ring 1300 147 797.

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Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary
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