Accepting your contract with Mercer

FSU recently wrote to Mercer highlighting their reference to “annualised salaries” in the contracts offered to BT staff. The FSU requested formal confirmation from Mercer that all unpackaged BT employees will continue to receive their unpackaged entitlements (e.g. OT) when they move across. Mercer has now responded in writing and confirmed that all BT members who are unpackaged when the transition occurs will continue to receive those entitlements (OT).

If members continue to have concerns, you may elect to add in a sentence when signing the contract. This sentence may read as, “I accept this offer on the condition that the unpackaged arrangements I currently receive under the Westpac Enterprise Agreement (including OT) will continue to exist at Mercer.”

All contracts should be signed by the acceptance date to ensure your employment at Mercer.

New WBC EA has a new threshold for packaged and unpackaged employees.

The new Westpac EA will be ratified in the Fair Work Commission over the next few weeks. This new EA will make up the terms and conditions that BT members will take with them across to Mercer in 2023. One change is that there is a new threshold for packaged and unpackaged employees at Westpac. Under the new EA, any employee who earns up to $94,446 will be unpackaged. All those above this salary will become packaged. Members should be aware that a small number of employees who’s salary is close to this threshold may see their salary package arrangements change. For example, if you are currently unpackaged (receive overtime) and earn $96,000, you will become packaged when the new EA is ratified and you will lose the overtime entitlement. This arrangement would then transfer across to Mercer.