Our chance to achieve industry-leading conditions at NAB

We’re approaching the start of negotiations for our new Enterprise Agreement.

This is our best chance for improved conditions at NAB. Negotiations will address our most critical challenges including pay, staffing and workloads, WHS and job security.

For bargaining to be effective and benefit all employees, tell your bargaining representatives what needs to improve at work!

Have your say today

It’s your agreement

The NAB EA covers all NAB employees. By filling out this survey, you ensure your most important needs are communicated to your negotiating representatives.

The FSU bargaining team is made up of union members, plus FSU bargaining experts. They will collate the feedback from this survey into our Log of Claims, the document defining what we most need to see in our new Agreement for 2022. Once members vote to endorse the Log of Claims, it will be tabled with NAB Management – and bargaining commences.

The FSU workplace survey is open to everyone. Forward this invite to your colleagues so that all NAB employees’ needs can be represented in bargaining.

Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary