Action sees new contracts delayed

FSU Members have spoken. They are deeply concerned with the proposed changes to your contracts at UniSuper and upset at the way that management have responded.

FSU has contacted UniSuper with your concerns and sought a quick and fair resolution. The responses received were dismissive and inadequate, and in no way explain or mitigate management’s appalling threats and misrepresentations.

As a result of continued pressure by FSU members, UniSuper have delayed the release of the proposed new contracts to 20 September.

Julie Watkins – Chief People Officer has set a meeting to discuss the contract changes with staff on the 14 September. On behalf of members FSU officials requested to attend this meeting. Julie Watkins has rejected our request.

What do UniSuper have to hide?

Why are they afraid of the FSU being in the room as they inform their staff of contract changes?

Don’t you deserve to hear the full story to make an informed decision?

While all of this has been going on, we’ve been hard at work ensuring that, no matter what, our members receive the best outcomes possible. The FSU is preparing documents to take this matter to the Fair Work Commission and potentially further if necessary.

We have completed the amended and improved clauses that can be negotiated into your contracts to protect your rights.

These will be available to FSU Members ONLY on the night of the 20 September. Further support will be made available through the FSU Advocacy team to ensure the best outcomes for our members.

While we’ve taken positive steps towards a win for our members, this issue has not been resolved. It has not gone away. We must keep up the momentum and keep up the pressure to win this time, and for the future of work at UniSuper.

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For a confidential individual discussion about these issues and your rights, please reply to this email or contact your FSU Organiser Laf Zuccarello at or 0434 160 523.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary