BOQ/Me Bank Enterprise Agreement 2023

In December 2022, BOQ and ME Bank colleagues resoundingly rejected management’s dodgy EA offer.

What’s next?

The next round of negotiations for your new Enterprise Agreement is about to begin.

Your overwhelming NO vote sent BOQ a strong message that you will not accept cuts to pay, terms and conditions. It also put BOQ and ME Bank members in the best possible position to win a better deal from BOQ.

We were due to meet with BOQ in January, however, we received notice that management needed more time to consider their options. While it is extremely disappointing that BOQ rescheduled our negotiations, it’s clear management don’t want to re-start negotiations with another loss – particularly after last year’s knockout!

Fighting for what matters most to you


We will continue to fight for what matters to you, as outlined in your Log of Claims, and we will continue to reject BOQ’s agenda of cuts to pay and conditions. The things that we are fighting for include:

  • Pay rises ahead of cost of living (including back pay)
  • Leave improvements – including better access to personal leave, early access to long service leave, 26 weeks paid parental leave, cultural and religious observance leave, paid ATSI leave for culturally significant events, gender affirmation leave, unlimited paid Domestic and Family Violence leave
  • Workload and working from home options – including flexible work arrangements and the right to disconnect
  • Hours of work – 30 hour working week, all additional hours paid overtime and RDOs for everyone
  • No reduction in current conditions – including redundancy provisions and right to claim overtime

Our campaign is only as strong as our members so ask them to stand together with thousands of others in the finance industry and join the FSU.