CBA's agreement
has won

Negotiations with CBA have concluded and the agreement has been approved through the vote.

We know the CBA placed enormous pressure on staff in the run up to the vote to accept its offer. There is only one reason for that: this deal is good for the CBA, not good for its workforce. We saw the bank offer bribes, threaten not to come back to the table, hold pay rises over the heads of workers who desperately need them and then bribe executive managers to push staff to turn out the vote.

An enterprise agreement is not the only way to secure rights and protections for workers, day-to-day unity and solidarity is our most powerful tool.

Your participation, actions, and energy improved this agreement. CBA initially offered a pay increase of 1.25% that was lifted to 3.25% for those employed under the enterprise agreement because of the pressure of union members.

We stuck together and we made a difference.

The union will continue to work to improve pay and conditions at the CBA at every opportunity. We will press on with the campaign to make sure Australia’s largest and most profitable bank treats its workforce with dignity and respect.

So, what do we do now?

  • We join our union.
  • We get our friends to join our union to make our union stronger.
  • To learn about what this new EA is going to mean for you in your role register here for our EA education sessions. We’ll be holding information sessions across the country to ensure that CBA employees know their rights and understand what the union can do to help them at work.
  • Whenever we find evidence that the CBA has underpaid its workers, we will fight to make sure the bank is held to account for wage theft and the stolen funds are repaid.

Now, let’s all take a couple days off over Easter.

Thank you for all your hard work

In Unity,
Julia Angrisano, Emily Holm, and all your CBA workplace reps