Finance Advisors and Brokers (FABS)

Financial Advisors and Brokers need to have a strong united voice, together with the FSU.

The development of The Financial Advisor Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA), and the recommendations about increasing professionalism of financial advisers and brokers by Commissioner Hayne in the Financial Services Royal Commission, have brought significant challenges to this sector.

Over the last 12 months, the Finance Sector Union has worked hard to raise awareness of your issues in Canberra. That work needs to continue, and members like you need a loud voice that policy makers take seriously. A single adviser can’t do this alone – but together, we can have a much greater influence on policy and legislation.

For more information on FASEA, download the FSU’s FASEA Guide Booklet 2019.

The FSU’s FASEA Guide Booklet included this timeline

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