Safety at work

Right now, you have the power to help make work safer for every worker in the country.

State, territory and federal Work Health and Safety (WHS) ministers will meet soon to vote on whether to make changes to national workplace safety laws.

These changes are designed to:

  • Reduce instances of workplace sexual harassment;
  • Improve or eliminate risks to mental health;
  • Hold employers accountable for negligence causing death; and
  • Strengthen rights for health and safety representatives.

There will be nine ministers who vote at the meeting. Six of them need to support a change for it to be adopted. The Morrison Government could cast the deciding vote.

We need your help to show these politicians that urgent action is needed. These Ministers need to vote ‘yes’. The safety of millions of workers depends on it.

Can you send an email to Scott Morrison telling him how important it is that his Government supports the improvements to work safety laws?

There will never be a more straightforward opportunity for this Government to act to make workplaces safer. And it is needed urgently, almost 200 people per year are dying at work. Tens of thousands of workers are seriously physically or mentally injured each year. And many women will experience workplace sexual harassment in their lifetime.

Recent FSU research showed that impaired psychological and emotional functioning was the most common workplace injury for those working in finance, insurance, and superannuation. These were caused by unjust treatment, bullying, victimisation, and incompetent management.

It is clear that we need change.

In Unity,