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Welcome to Enterprise Bargaining for NAB 2019

An Enterprise Agreement is negotiated between employers, employees and bargaining representatives to establish fair working wages and conditions of employment. Negotiations are currently on at NAB, for a new EA. Our FSU bargaining team are pursuing the terms and conditions that matter most to us.

Have a look at what your colleagues are saying are their top priorities in the log of claims document below.

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NAB’s EA Offer – Still no fair pay offer!

11 December 2019

It appears that NAB are again shying away from talking about the thing which everyone’s waiting to hear about – fair pay. Yesterday was the last bargaining meeting of this year and NAB employees are still no clearer on the Bank’s position.

NAB continues to argue that the pay model is working. That’s despite more than one in three Group 3 and 4 employees missing out on an annual increase, and over three quarters being paid in the bottom quartile of your salary range.

This isn’t good enough!

We’re committed to finding the solutions you say matter most; this means pay that keeps up with the cost of living, compensates you fairly for work intensification and all the extra hours you do, and addresses the gender pay gap.

We will also be seeking back pay for any delays to Group 1 and 2 salary increases to make sure no one is worse off.

If you would like to help ensure we win a fair agreement as soon as possible, we encourage you to help get our message out with your colleagues.

How you can help

  1. Download and print a poster below and put it up on your noticeboard;
  2. Nominate to be a campaign volunteer today;
  3. Talk to a colleague about joining our union to support fair pay.

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This week things got a bit tense at the bargaining table

14 November 2019

Job security and the future of work were on the bargaining agenda this week.

You told us that job security and support to access the jobs of the future are important to you, but NAB didn’t want to hear firsthand from your reps how poorly the change management process has been handled through Enterprise Transformation. They’ve now agreed to listen to what your Reps have to say so we will be continuing that discussion next meeting.

In the meantime, download our Future of Work Feedback Form (at, share it with your colleagues and scan and return it to Your stories and feedback are powerful, and we need them if we’re going to win a process that respects and values you for the work you do.

Pay discussions coming up

We’re expecting to hear about FY19 remuneration outcomes next week and then we can start talking about the changes we want to see to the remuneration model to ensure you get paid fairly for the work you do and that we lock in measures to eliminate the gender pay gap.

We need you to join us!

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Your Union Bargaining Team
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Creating Solutions to Work Intensification at NAB

31 October 2019

This week in Enterprise Bargaining we focused on work intensification and work-life balance.

NAB stuck to diversity and simplification of the agreement, and had little to say about the issues you say matter most.

Excessive hours and ongoing restructures

Your responses to last week’s update about workloads reinforced what FSU members have said all along. Work at NAB is intensifying. We’re working excessive hours to meet workload pressures — and this has become the norm in an environment of job cuts, ongoing restructures and uncertainty. Feedback from B&P colleagues was amongst the worst in relation to work intensification and excessive hours.

With Award changes coming in March in relation to annualised salaries, we’ve asked NAB to tell us what they think ‘reasonable additional hours’ means for Group 3 and 4 roles. This will reveal what you’re really being paid for the hours you need to work to keep up.

Next meeting – change, digital disruption and the future of work

Thousands of jobs are still to be cut to achieve the 6000 cuts announced in late 2017; we’ve put the future of work on the agenda for our next meeting. We asked NAB how they plan to respect and support you through a time of ongoing digital disruption and change.

If you’ve been impacted by restructuring and digital disruption, we want to hear from you!

Share your story of change – complete our snap survey here.

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Your Union Bargaining Team
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It’s our chance to make NAB fair: Enterprise Bargaining is on!

5 September 2019

Last week NAB issued a Notice of Representational Rights.

This means enterprise bargaining will commence shortly – we get to re-negotiate important things like fair pay, flexibility and leave. We’ll also be talking about how a fair transition into the jobs of the future should look at NAB.

As a Union member you will be automatically represented by the FSU bargaining team:

FSU members have overwhelmingly endorsed our bargaining position. You can review what we will be campaigning for at NAB_EB19_LogOfClaims

Member Feedback

We’re committed to keeping you informed regularly, as our campaign for fair pay and conditions rolls out in NAB. Keep an eye out for further bargaining updates from FSU. You can also email us anytime at

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NAB Workers Across Australia are Voting YES for our Collective Bargaining Claim

NAB workers across Australia have been getting together to discuss our survey results. The main priorities are now outlined in our collective bargaining claim proposal.

If you haven’t had a chance to speak with your workplace union rep or attend a claim endorsement meeting, now’s your chance to review our priorities. Have a look at what your colleagues are saying are the top priorities in the log of claims document below and cast your vote here: