Voting No to NAB is how we get a fair deal!

NAB’s EA proposal is far from adequate and they’re refusing to keep negotiating.

The only option for a fair deal is Voting NO

Management’s disregard for employee welfare has coincided with a cost-of-living crisis that has laid bare the problems with NAB’s pay model and the enduring consequences of cost-cutting, restructuring and Senior Executives’ ambivalence to our concerns.

Get a full breakdown of NAB’s subpar proposal here.

What next?

A few years ago FSU members at ANZ said NO to a bad pay offer, which didn’t have the support of union members. After that ballot, management returned with an improved offer that members accepted.

NAB will not be able to ignore the clear mandate set if the majority of staff Vote NO to their dodgy deal. If we all Vote No, we will be in the strongest possible position to secure real improvements on base salary for all staff without loss of conditions.  

The ballot will be held in the third week of November and we recommend all NAB staff Vote No to stop management’s dodgy EA from taking effect.