The Women In Super National Roadshow

This year Women in Super celebrated 25 years with a National Road Show featuring Julia Angrisano, the National Secretary of the Finance Sector Union and Director of AustralianSuper.

Julia spoke on the challenges facing us all, and how much has changed since Mavis Robertson established Women in Super 25 years ago. We’ve already seen an increase in flexible, independent work, a rise in the numbers working in the gig economy, and the demise of one job for life. She addressed future-proofing our superannuation system to meet the needs of Australians, given the changing models for work.

Julia Angrisano represents the changing face of the union movement today. Since becoming the FSU National Secretary in 2016, Julia has led the FSU’S Women’s Agenda; she has elevated the issues facing women in our often male-dominated finance industry to the centre of the work undertaken by the FSU.

Click here to read Julia Angrisano’s Speech at the Women In Super National Road Show 2019