Allianz Australia Business Partnership Agreement (BPA) 2020

FSU Claim

FSU members have spoken clearly about what we want to see from Allianz Australia in our new BPA for 2020. Read the details of our FSU claim below, then click on the link to endorse it.

Job Security
The global pandemic has highlighted the need to ensure that the Allianz Australia BPA provides certainty that you’ll have industry leading conditions if you find that you’re facing a redundancy. To that end, FSU members have overwhelmingly told us that job security must be a focus during BPA negotiations.

Improving existing entitlements
The Allianz BPA has always tried to ensure that working at Allianz is an attractive proposition – keeping up with industry leading standards. Over the term of the last agreement there have been improvements to industry leading standards; you’ve told us you’d like Allianz to keep up so it remains an appealing place to work that will continue to attract staff. The FSU claim includes increasing paid domestic and family violence leave to 10 days per year.

Our claim also includes redefining parental leave by removing references to “primary” and “secondary” carer – instead recognising that where there are 2 parents raising a child, it should be easier for each parent to access a period of leave to contribute toward the care of a young child.

Working from home
We’ve all experienced the joys of working from home during the global pandemic. Some workers have found the transition has improved the quality of their working life, while others have struggled. The Allianz BPA should include a “work from home” section that outlines the expectations and support that should be provided to those who work from home either permanently or temporarily. The FSU claim includes a work from home allowance and the right to request a work from home arrangement where it suits your personal circumstances.

Paid pandemic leave
Allianz was quick to do the right thing at the start of the pandemic by providing paid pandemic leave to all staff. The FSU claim includes the right to access paid pandemic leave when you are required to self-isolate or are diagnosed with COVID-19 and cannot work from home.

Improvements to superannuation
It is important to continue to think about retirement savings and FSU members want Allianz to increase their contribution to superannuation over the life of this agreement.

Allianz workers have shown remarkable dexterity in the shift to work from home, and a number of workers have been doing jobs they don’t usually do to assist in unusual times. Australia faces the first economic downturn in over 30 years and it’s time to revisit the pay for performance model. This model is unsuitable in an economic downturn, yet workers must be rewarded for their contribution to Allianz’s stability and success. Any pay system must include principles of natural justice and rewarding your contribution.

Claim endorsement
I endorse the FSU Allianz Australia BPA claim – click here for link to endorsement survey.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary