Allianz Australia BPA and TIO EA to be Renegotiated

What improvements do you want to your terms and conditions of employment?

The Allianz Business Partnership Agreement (BPA) and the TIO Enterprise Agreement (EA) are set to expire very soon. These will be replaced with a single agreement that covers all employees of Allianz Australia and TIO.

Lots has changed since we last negotiated your agreement and it’s important that you have your say.

There are some working conditions that are tailored for TIO workers that aren’t in the Allianz agreement – we need to know what you value in order to develop our EA claim.

Have you had a pay increase every year under the current agreement? We need to know if you think you’re getting paid enough for the work you do, and if the current pay system is delivering results that give you a REAL wage increase each year.

Let us know what’s important to you by completing our confidential survey here:

Results will be used to develop our FSU bargaining claim. We may be in touch with you if we have more questions, but no individually identifying information will be provided to Allianz.

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary