An agreement for all – register today

Bargaining between FSU and Bendigo Bank has commenced for all employees covered under the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Enterprise Agreement (EA). This is our chance win an industry-leading agreement and will determine our pay and conditions for the next few years.

Not everyone at Bendigo is treated equally. Currently, salaried staff are not given the guaranteed pay rises and conditions that graded staff enjoy through the agreement. In fact, many salaried staff recently told us through our survey that they wish for the agreement to be extended to cover them.

We now have a chance to do exactly that and ensure salaried and graded staff at Bendigo equally benefit from the EA.

Bendigo bank must listen to ALL of its staff during these negotiations and negotiate a fairer agreement for all staff, both salaried and graded.

Your FSU Team will be holding 30-minute meetings on Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 April at 11:30am AEST where we will discuss what bringing salaried staff into the EA will mean for you:


Register here: Wednesday 19 April, 11:30am AEST

Register here: Thursday 20 April, 11:30am AEST

If you are currently a salaried staff or in a salaried team, it is important that you and your colleagues attend. Please register for a meeting above and share this update with your colleagues and ask them to register with you.

Your FSU team

P.s. If you’re not already an FSU member, join today. It is crucial we all show support for our new agreement by becoming FSU members today.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary