RBA Workplace Agreement

An independent RBA supports a strong economy –
In your words

A record number of RBA colleagues have now signed our FSU pledge for a fair pay increase independent of the Federal APS wage policy. The policy caps pay increases to the private sector wage price index – currently below 2%.

When signing the pledge, you were asked why we deserve an independent and fair pay increase at the RBA.

Many of you referenced the RBA’s public position on the critical role increasing wages will play in our economy.

Here’s what you said:

Do you think RBA employees deserve pay that demonstrates the values of the Central Bank in building a stronger economy?

More and more RBA staff are pledging their support for independent and fair pay. Show your support by signing the pledge here:

In Unity,
FSU Bargaining Team

Peter Tancred
Joanne Nava
Jason Jux
David Symonds
Ben Gallen



Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary