Human Rights and the finance sector

Finance Sector companies play a critical role in human rights in Australia, and around the world.

Not only are they large employers but they also finance (and therefore have a say in) many companies and large projects. 

As people who work in the finance sector we want to see our employers building a better society. This starts with protecting and promoting human rights. 

We are proud to be launching the FSU Human Rights Network (HRN).

Human rights in the finance sector – 22 September 2021 

The Human Rights Network launch is online event with impressive speakers including union legend and General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) Sharan Burrow and Sydney University Human Rights Academics Dr Kym Sheehan (Corporate Law) and Prof. David Kinley (Human Rights Law). 

Dr Sheehan and Prof. Kinley recently published their report on the human rights compliance of major finance companies. Their research into the finance sector, including the ‘big four’ banks, found that there are significant areas in which the banks are not meeting their human rights obligations.

The online conference will be held in the evening of Wednesday 22 September. More details will be released soon.  





The FSU Human Rights Network creates a way for people working in the finance sector to express their values to make a difference in their own sector.

We spoke to founding member of the Human Rights Committee, Meg Nair about their hopes for the FSU Human Rights Network. We asked Meg what motivated her to join.  

“Somehow, Finance Sector employers seem to forget that we are people too and organisations that behave unethically towards the public inflict far worse on their staff who are a captive audience, and our livelihood depends on keeping our employer happy – whatever it takes.” 

Meg works for NAB Business Banking in Perth, WA and is passionate about growing the FSU Human Rights Network.  

If you’re interested in joining the FSU Human Rights Network, register your interest here. If you’re interested in materials to distribute in your workplace, please contact Amy Boyle and Mandy Girvan for more information by emailing communications@fsunion.org.au.  

Read more of Dr Kym Sheehan and Prof. David Kinley’s work here.