ANZ Announces Life Insurance Sale – Be Informed and Know Your Rights!

December 18, 2017

ANZ has announced that it will be selling its life insurance business to Zurich Financial Services Australia.

If your role primarily supports the ANZ Life Insurance business, this announcement impacts you.

The completion of the sale is expected to happen in late 2018 – this is when Zurich will become the owner of the life insurance business. Separation of the Life Insurance business is expected to occur in 2020.

For people in roles supporting the Life Insurance business, you are likely to become a Zurich employee as a result of this sale. If you work in a team like enablement, operations and adviser sales, ANZ is still  working through what this sale will mean for your role.

If you are impacted, ANZ will start consulting with you and the Finance Sector Union in March – April 2018.

The consultation period is our opportunity to talk to ANZ about what you think about these changes, and what they mean for you.  ANZ expects to provide the new organisational structures in March – April 2018, which will give you more information. Ahead of the consultation period, you need to be informed about this sale and how it will impact your role.

The Finance Sector Union is holding meetings with you and your colleagues to share information, and support you through these changes.

To register for an upcoming meeting, or to arrange to speak to an FSU Organiser, send an email to with your details.

The FSU will be supporting its members through these changes with advice, support and representation.

Join your union today, to be part of the ANZ Wealth Community in the FSU!

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary