ANZ direction to take annual leave: your leave is yours!

ANZ recently issued staff with a controversial direction to take their annual leave during a global pandemic.

If you’re experiencing this, or you’re under pressure to submit leave now that you’re unsure about, REGISTER HERE (, OR CONTACT US URGENTLY ON 1300 366 378.

The union has been inundated with questions and concerns about this. Due to popular demand, we’re holding another two members’ online information sessions to answer all your questions, and to outline our plans to campaign for a fairer approach to this. You can RSVP to one of those sessions at the links below. After you register the link to attend the meeting will be sent to you.

Tuesday 7pm

Thursday 7pm

We’ve also put together a leaflet that outlines our concerns and tackles some Frequently Asked Questions about ANZ’s directions to take leave Please share this information widely within ANZ as we understand this is causing stress for your colleagues who may not be FSU members. We encourage them to join us in this campaign at (Please note that the FSU join form opens in all current web browsers; it will not open in Internet Explorer.)

Your leave is yours – let’s campaign for your right to use it in a way that suits you.

In Unity,
Julia Angrisano

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Finance Sector Union
Ph: 1300 366 378

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary