ANZ Contact Centre Roster Changes – Know Your Rights

FSU has been advised that ANZ is proposing to move to a four-week rotating roster for 200 people working in contact centre roles.

The consultation period closes on 17 November 2021.  In order for FSU members to have questions answered FSU is holding two Zoom meetings. Register below for the one that best suits your circumstances…

The FSU has already asked ANZ a number of questions about this change – you can read our questions and ANZ’s responses here.

The bank has said you will be able to advise them of your roster preferences and personal circumstances which will be considered when setting the roster.

Even if you currently have a set roster for specific personal reasons, like childcare availability, you will still need to submit your preferences for ANZ to consider.

ANZ has said that they will consider your circumstances when creating rosters and this will be balanced with business needs.  This means that you may not be allocated the roster that you currently have, and you may not receive a roster that works for you.

Rosters are subject to change on a four-weekly basis, so if this presents any concerns for you, make sure you raise it.

Next steps

  • If you have any limitations on your roster, you must advise ANZ of your circumstances during the consultation period.
  • When providing information on your availability, include any relevant information including which hours work for you and the reasons why.
  • If you have personal circumstances that mean you cannot work at certain times (like childcare requirements or transport limitations), contact the FSU immediately so that we can assist you though this process.

In the meantime, advice and support is available to all FSU members – contact the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378 or

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary