ANZ EA 2023

Breakthrough – “In-principle” agreement at ANZ for the first time in 7 years

Thanks to the efforts of FSU members, ANZ employees will have an EA they can be proud of with competitive pay and industry leading conditions.

Here are the improvements union members have won.


Pay offer – Group 5 & 6

Pay Increases totaling 16.5% over four years.

2023 2024 2025 2026
5% 4.5% 3.5% 3.5%

Pay offer – Group 4

The lowest paid Group 4 workers will receive a guaranteed pay increase.

2023 2024 2025 2026
<$155k (TEC) to receive minimum 2% increase. <$155k (TEC) to receive minimum 1.5% increase. Minimum increases TBD Minimum increases TBD
4% Guaranteed salary budget 3% Guaranteed Salary budget Salary budget to be set in consultation with FSU members Salary budget to be set in consultation with FSU members

Commitment to transparency of:

  • Budgeting and funding of the pools,
  • Publication of annual pool values 6 weeks ahead of reviews,
  • Guaranteed spend, and

Reconsideration/Dispute process

  • All colleagues will be able to dispute their individual Annual Review outcome,
  • Representation by the FSU is available.

Other salary matters

Superannuation – Superannuation loophole closed to ensure all future increases to super are on top of salary.

Overtime – Cap to be increased.

Allowances – To be indexed and increased over the life of the EA.


Workloads and hours of work

Staffing and hours of work

  • Introduce a clause to address workload and reasonable hours including:
    • Principles on competition of work within ordinary hours,
    • Grounds for refusal of additional hours,
    • The right to escalate and dispute unreasonable requests.
  • The development of a TOIL policy within the first 12months of the EA for employees who do not have an entitlement to overtime.

Working from home/hybrid working

  • Commitment to maintaining working from home options over the life of the EA including:
    • A right to dispute should a request for working from home be unreasonably refused.

Right to disconnect

  • Introduce a clause that recognises the right to switch off from work.

Leave matters

Parental leave

  • Increase primary carer leave from 12wks to 20wks.
  • Increase secondary carer leave from 1wk to 4wks.
  • Close the definitions loophole so annual leave is accrued on Parental Leave.
    • We are prosecuting this matter through the courts at present for back claims.

Reproductive health leave clause

  • Obligates ANZ to undertake a review of health leave arrangements at ANZ in consultation with the FSU, with a view to providing greater support (e.g. during menopause and menstruation).

MyDays leave clause

  • 2 extra leave days per year (pro-rata for Part-timers).

Compassionate leave

  • Increased from 2 to 3 days per occasion;
  • Clause provides for additional discretionary leave.

Family and domestic violence clause

  • Extended to carers and greater clarity on kinship arrangements.

Gender affirmation leave clause

  • 6weeks paid leave, up to 12mths unpaid.

Lifestyle leave clause

  • Extension of the lifestyle leave clause to enable those who don’t have access to RDO’s to better achieve work/life balance including that applications cannot be unreasonably refused.

Cultural leave clause

  • Extension of the Special leave policy that provides for up to 10days paid leave to include for the purposes of attending significant cultural, community or sporting events.

First Nations leave clause

  • Within 12mths of the commencement of the EA, ANZ will develop a new leave entitlement to reflect the needs of First Nations employees.

Australia Day swap clause

  • Introduce a clause that will enable members to swap the Australia Day public holiday for an alternate day, before 31 March each year.

Work, health and safety matters

  • Mental health review clause committing ANZ to consultation with FSU members on the causes of psychosocial hazards and initiatives to address them.

Change and job security

Establishment of a Future of Work Committee to consider trends in ANZ and the sector including:

  • Introduction of new roles,
  • Disruption of new technologies,
  • Opportunities for skill development, and
  • Modes of employment (e.g., 30hr week).

Other matters

  • Clarify the rights of FSU Workplace Reps and ensure FSU access to ANZ inductions.
  • No change or reduction in other rights or entitlements.