Enterprise Bargaining 2023
It's time for change at ANZ

In 2023, ANZ staff will have the chance to shape the future of their workplace.

Enterprise Bargaining negotiations have begun at ANZ.

These negotiations, between representatives of the Finance Sector Union and ANZ Management, will determine the terms and conditions of the ANZ Enterprise Agreement – the document which sets out pay rates, entitlements, and everything else that defines the working lives of tens of thousands of ANZ staff. 

A lot has changed since the last Agreement was negotiated in 2015. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely disrupted how we work across the finance sector. Many branches have closed, while other new positions have opened in back office and tech roles. Interest rates have increased, putting additional pressure on hard-working bank staff. 

The pay and conditions of 2015 simply don’t meet the needs of ANZ staff in 2023. That’s why we must not miss this opportunity to work together with our colleagues, and lock in the changes that will improve the lives of everybody at ANZ.


What is Enterprise Bargaining and what does it mean?

The Enterprise Bargaining process can be complicated, but it’s the best tool ANZ workers have to secure great pay and conditions. The FSU is committed to making this process as simple and transparent as possible.

Right now we are at Stage 4 of the process. Surveying of ANZ colleagues is now complete, and a Log of Claims Document has been created based off that survey.

FSU bargaining representatives are now meeting regularly with ANZ Management to put forward the log of claims, on behalf of all ANZ employees.

Our next upcoming information session to discuss the progress of these negotiations is coming up on May 30. Register your interest at the links here.


Now is the time for all ANZ colleagues to endorse this collective agenda which will be put forward on their behalf at the negotiating table.

The best time to get involved is now

Enterprise Bargaining is our chance to have genuine, meaningful input into the working conditions at ANZ. As the industrial representative for banking industry workers, the Finance Sector Union will be using these negotiations to make claims on behalf of what our members want and need.  

With thousands of members at ANZ and tens of thousands more across the rest of Australia’s finance sector, our collective strength means that our claims are taken seriously. Every additional person who joins the FSU makes us stronger, and makes these negotiations more successful. 

Bring your voice to the collective today. Read and endorse the Log of Claims now and send it to as many of your colleagues as you can.

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