Enterprise Bargaining 2023
Becoming an FSU Rep in your workplace

FSU Reps are the heroes that bring their workplace together.

It’s time to Step Up & Rep Up.

Like all unions, the Finance Sector Union is run by union members, for union members. It’s union members who change their workplaces for the better all around Australia, and they do it by forming a rock-solid network of people who campaign together and win together.

FSU Workplace Reps are the people who anchor that network together – the people who are in the thick of the action, making it their personal mission to see that change happens.

If you believe in a better workplace and you aren’t afraid to speak up to make it happen, we want you to nominate yourself as an FSU Workplace Rep.

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Becoming an agent of change

FSU Workplace Reps are people who know their rights, know ANZ’s policies and procedures back to front, and are comfortable being turned to for advice and support by other ANZ staff. 

Reps also take on responsibility for making sure everyone in their working group knows what is happening during bargaining, for example by putting up posters, giving a short briefing during a team meeting, or maybe organising a quick team chat in the lunchroom. 

Workplace Reps have special legal rights under the Enterprise Agreement that other staff do not have. They can use their paid work time to discuss union matters, or to raise issues on behalf of other people in their working group and demand action.

They can also receive up to 5 days paid training each year by the FSU office, to get skilled up on industrial relations matters and other union business by the experts in the field. Skills and knowledge like this allow them to be even more effective in assisting other ANZ staff. 

Every person who steps up to become an FSU Rep increases the chances of a better outcome for everyone.

How do I sign up?

Staff from the FSU office will speak to potential FSU reps directly to walk them through the process.

Contact the FSU organiser for your worksite, who will make some time to sit down with you for a chat about becoming a Workplace Rep. 

If you don’t know who your organiser is, you can contact the union office on 1300 366 378 or fsuinfo@fsunion.org.au to find out. 

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