ANZ refuse to negotiate with you again, you deserve a real say!

ANZ staff currently work under a 2015 Collective Agreement which expired over 5 years ago. ANZ has told FSU they believe it is still ‘fit for purpose’ and have no intention of respecting our collective bargaining rights.

As an alternate proposition ANZ has offered FSU four meetings to discuss 2022 pay only. This was within their framework which would not allow us to meaningful participate in the process and was rejected by workplace leaders.

We have also advised ANZ that the pay claim we expect for our ANZ members is 6% for 2022, this is in line with wages claims across the finance industry to deliver a real wage increase to members in 2022 with the national cost of living is currently 5.1%.


Sign the pay petition so management know what you deserve. No names will be provided to ANZ through this process but your feedback is essential. We will advise ANZ of this on Monday 1 August 2022.

Why is bargaining important?

ANZ show their staff no respect by avoiding your right to bargain and ultimately have a vote on whether what they are offering is good enough or not. Anything outside of a bargaining process is simply a unilateral decision of ANZ and they remain in total control with no requirement to consult, update or improve your workplace rights.

The Covid19 pandemic has changed the way most of us work.  Bargaining is an opportunity to include clauses that give you protections and flexibility in the way you work from home, including a right to disconnect from work. This is just one example of where your conditions of employment will be falling behind your peers in other finance companies and that just isn’t good enough!

Not a member yet? It’s time to join your colleagues and send a strong message to ANZ that this behavour is just not good enough.

Your FSU Team.

P.S. Please forward this update onto your colleagues and ask them to sign the petition with you!

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary