ANZ - Transition of Contact Centre Hardship and Collections Staff

ANZ are moving Hardship and Collections teams to 833 Collins Street. During the consultation phase, FSU put a number of questions to the bank and following is their response.


1.   What parking is available at 833 Collins Street?  Is there the same amount of parking as is available at Dorcas St?  How does the cost compare?;

ANZ does not currently provide Hardship and Collections Staff employees working at Dorcas St with any car parking arrangements.

There are several public car parks located within the Docklands precinct that staff can choose from and the cost and availability of these facilities will vary. These options include, 55 Merchant Street and 90 Waterfront Way both in Docklands. From time to time, ANZ will also share promotional codes with all staff for discounted day rates.

Unlike ANZ’s Dorcas St office, 833 Collins St is in close proximity to more public transport options which may result in more staff utilising public transport instead of driving, allowing for employees to save on parking costs.


2.  What are the desk arrangements at 833 Collins Street?  Is it hot desking?

Staff will be able to choose from a number of traditional and collaborative work settings, depending on the type of work they are coming into the office for. Staff will be allocated or can book a desk within dedicated neighbourhoods when they come into the office. While social distancing measures are still in place, spare desks will serve to provide appropriate physical distance between each desk.


3.  What are the technology arrangements at 833 Collins Street?  Some people have found desk set ups missing vital cords and other pieces of equipment.  What is the process to ensure the workspace has the required equipment?

Community managers will be working at 833 daily, post the current lockdown in Victoria, to collect staff feedback, including in relation to any equipment or technology issues. Where any equipment/technology is identified to be missing, we encourage employees to speak with their Community or Line Manager, or speak with Tech Support directly to arrange for a replacement of equipment as soon as possible.

ANZ will continue to conduct a number of full-building audits and replace missing items where appropriate.


4.  Will people with caring responsibilities or specific travel requirements be able to refuse this request and remain at Dorcas St?

None of the staff that are part of this transition have raised concerns about specific travel requirements or an impact on caring responsibilities arising from the move to Dorcas Street. However, ANZ continues to encourage employees to discuss their individual circumstances with their line managers and will work through these circumstances on a case by case basis.


5.  How is Covid risk being managed?  Is there any sharing of equipment or workspaces?

 Once current restrictions have eased, an interim roster will remain in place to manage capacity in the office in accordance with government imposed COVID related restrictions and relevant social distancing requirements.

 Various initiatives have been implemented to mitigate COVID risks. These initiatives include;

  • Alternative desk arrangements, where spare and vacant desks act as ‘space makers’ to accommodate physical distancing.
  • Hand sanitisers are placed in prominent locations around the building.
  • Signage to remind staff to keep 1.5 metres physical distance throughout the building; and
  • Heightened cleaning arrangements to prevent chance of infection.


6.  What ergonomic set up and maintenance procedures are in place to ensure people have a suitable work environment?

Ergonomic workplace setups at 833 Collins Street currently include user adjustable desks, chairs, monitors and monitor arms. Where a person requires specific ergonomic requirements, an Occupational Therapist can be arranged to assist with individual/bespoke ergonomic setups.

To ensure each employee achieves their most optimal ergonomic setup, ANZ encourages employees to speak with their line manager about any specific requirements they may have, who can reach out to either a Wellbeing and Safety representative or a Property representative for assistance.


7.  What risk assessment has been completed, especially in relation to the impact of isolated work, and people working in the city late at night?

Employees who take public transport from the Dorcas St office currently have to walk approximately 10 minutes to the nearest form of public transport. At 833 Collins Street, a tram stop is located directly outside the building. There are several other teams within ANZ who operate on the same working hours as the impacted staff (8am-8pm). Further, given all of the staff who are part of this transition are, as part of the arrangements that are currently in place under ANZ’s How We Work policy and once current restrictions ease, expected to work from the office just 1-2 times per month, they are less likely to be commuting and travelling to and from work.

None of the staff that are part of this transition have expressed concerns about safety associated with the move to Docklands. However, where particular safety concerns are raised by employees, ANZ is committed to working with those employees in relation to these concerns.


8.  What will ANZ’s process be to ensure emergency evacuations to be trialled, and notification of OHS reps and fire wardens when people are inconsistently in the office?

 ANZ’s process in respect of emergency evacuations will be adjusted because of different work patterns, but will include:

  • Working with the business to source more wardens to ensure we meet our minimum requirements.
  • Training wardens more frequently and utilising multiple channels to reach more staff so training can occur face to face in the office or remotely while working from home (i.e. webinars).
  • Continuing to conduct annual evacuation exercises in all locations including major buildings.


9.  What is the basis for this decision?  This has particularly been asked in the context of the recent renovations at Dorcas Street.

Last year due to COVID-19, a portion of these staff members were temporarily relocated to 833 Collins Street to assist with social distancing, to support staff safety and wellbeing and for business continuity purposes (i.e. to prevent the whole team from potentially being exposed to the virus in the event it was contracted by a staff member).

There are already around 1,600 CSO Australia staff currently located at 833 Collins and the relocation will allow staff to work more closely with colleagues within their business and other key stakeholders who are currently located at 833 Collins Street. The transition will not only help facilitate the growth and development of staff, but support a more collaborative work environment.

In addition, ANZ is currently undertaking a redesign of our workspace at 833 Collins Street to benefit from a deeper level of engagement, connection or interaction that may be difficult to achieve virtually. This includes purpose-designed work zones to support office-based activities that require deeper levels of engagement, connection or interaction with the objective to bring our teams together.


10.  Are there plans to move the other Dorcas St teams to 833 Collins?  What is the future of the Dorcas St site?

 At this moment, ANZ’s focus is the relocation of Hardship and Collections Staff.

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