Tell ANZ: We Deserve 3%


With other big banks offering a pay increase of at least 3% for people like us, we feel embarrassed and undervalued.

ANZ Executives must not know what it is like for us. So we’re going to tell them exactly what our experiences are, and why we deserve 3%.

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What our colleagues have shared so far

“I worked harder than ever in 2020 due to the hire freeze across the Bank. I have been working on a critical compliance program with tight timelines. My team has been severely short of hands for months and working 10 hours or more every day has been quite normal for me in the previous 6 months. I find it particularly unfair when group 4 staff is denied the 2% pay rise while group 5 and group 6 staff will have the rise. I am a software engineer getting my hands dirty and am ‘on the frontline’ to make great digital transformations happen at ANZ, just as branch and call centre staff in group 5 and group 6 staff serving customers. Most of group 4 staff are not middle managers.”

“We try to follow your digital ways, telling and sales yet my work load is beyond a joke because there is never enough time. Serve the customers, too bad for those customers waiting for you to finish what you need to. Don't forget to mention the closure of branches with extra customers again. And NO the oldies don't want to use the atm or go digital because they dont feel safe. Then of course there us no O/T to actually stay behind to play catch up and when you do it's always the promise of leaving early on another day and that really is a F**ing joke! I have never felt so disheartened and disillusioned or undervalued in all the years (17) I have worked for ANZ. Then again let's not forget to push the 'older' staff out the door...”

“This year has been extremely challenging at branch level for a multiple of reasons - covid, teams on the 131 058 line not working or working from home with hours long wait times to get through, aggressive customers due to limiting customers in the branch (or asking them to use technology options do their banking, or even wait times as staff are short due to illness etc), plus the extra cleaning and continually changing environment. I believe us frontline staff deserve more than 2 "thank you" days and 2%, while CEO's and other higher ups keep their bonuses/etc. We are the ones dealing with the angry customers in front of us day in and day out, and even though branches may be not as profitable as other parts of ANZ, from the perspective of the customers who are dealing with closing branches and frustration from being sent to a branch because the help line couldn't help - branches are the world and the only place they can actually get the help they need. We deserve a 3% pay rise. We deserve the respect, integrity and excellence they expect from us everyday.”

“We have worked long hours, we have used our own time and funds to set up suitable working environments. We work late nights to cover urgent requests. We have the ability to juggle home and work with no change in our environment, not giving us head space or down time. We love our work and we have more time, but its more time for us to work and meet or targets.”

“ANZ executives worked from the safety of their home. We had to adjust, do our role as well as extra work from customer contact centre, which we did with just one day of webinar training. This training is usually two weeks. We just did what we had to in order to help our customers - we put our customers first and put our health and that of our families at risk and all the thanks we get is 2% pay increase. Obvious the ANZ executives just pay lip service to frontline service and don't really value what we do. Really disappointing.”

“Staff are the backbone of the organisation and have soldiered on throughout incredibly hard times this year. They deal with increasingly aggressive customers and increasingly reduced staff numbers and deserve to get paid fairly for the work that they do.”

“I deserve a 3% pay increase because ... we are under the pump the pressure that is in a days work is aweful I am under so much stress at work it’s starting to effect people health they want so much from you and give nothing in return.”

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