We Deserve 3%

This week most ANZ employees received a remuneration outcome letter from the CEO. In this letter, Shayne Elliot stated that the salary adjustments this year have provided more certainty around pay and that the Reimagining Reward changes have offset any reduction in variable pay outcomes. Recent feedback from ANZ staff, however, does not reflect the CEO’s view.

Response to ANZ’s pay announcement

Since ANZ made its initial announcement on salary increases in October this year, ANZ staff have overwhelmingly expressed anger and disappointment in the Bank’s decision. Hundreds of stories were submitted to your union outlining why ANZ’s decision to provide a 2% increase for Group 5 & 6 employees, and no guarantees for Group 4, does not go far enough. Read your comments here.

This week we wrote to the CEO outlining your overwhelming feedback (without identifying individuals). We called on the Bank to meet to discuss a plan to ensure ANZ remuneration outcomes for staff match those of other major Banks in 2021.

Do you believe your salary adjustment this week reflects the contribution you have made in 2020?

If you think ANZ should do better on pay, here’s what you can do:

  • Pose a question about pay to the ANZ Board at next week’s AGM. Have your questions asked by our Union by completing the form here. Your personal information will not be shared with ANZ.
  • View our correspondence to the bank.
  • If you are a Group 4 employee, feel free to share your salary adjustment outcome with your colleagues. It is only when this type of information is shared and transparent that questions get asked, and change happens.

We are proud to work at ANZ and the contribution we have all made this year. Only together can we ensure our contribution is fully recognised.

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary