Are you a RAC Manager/Team Leader?


Recently, RAC made an application to the Fair Work Commission to terminate the RAC Sales and Member Service Enterprise Agreement 2019. This proposal would impact approximately 37 existing employees with the potential for loss in superior terms and conditions. If RAC is successful in its application, the impacted employees would not be covered by an Enterprise Agreement in the future.

Your Union, the Finance Sector Union, is concerned that certain entitlements currently enjoyed by impacted employees may be lost. Because of this, the FSU has raised concerns with the Fair Work Commission around RAC’s application. These concerns include:

  • Lack of proper consultation with impacted employees
  • Potential for loss of entitlements including redundancy pay
  • Impacted employees falling under the incorrect modern award if RAC’s application is successful.

You can find our Union submission here.

FSU action has already had an effect.

As a result of raising our Union concerns, the Fair Work Commission has now announced it requires RAC to provide more detailed reasons why the application to terminate the enterprise agreement should be approved. This is good news in ensuring impacted employees are not disadvantaged, however, there is more to do.

FSU will support members impacted by RAC’s proposal and will work hard to ensure that no one is worse off as a result. It is critical at this stage that all impacted employees are aware of RAC’s proposal and are members of the FSU.

Are you a Team Leader or Manager and impacted by the application to terminate the Enterprise Agreement? FSU will be holding regular information sessions with impacted members as this issue progresses. You can access these sessions by joining FSU with your colleagues here.

We are stronger together so if you are already a member please forward this update onto your colleagues.

Your FSU team.