Are you among the 58,000 entitled to unpaid wages from NAB?

You may be owed wages in the NAB underpayment audit

If you worked at National Australia Bank at some point over the last 7 years, NAB may owe you wages.

As you may be aware, NAB have begun repaying around 58,000 current and former colleagues who are owed wages. These underpayments came to light after a successful campaign by union members achieved a comprehensive payroll governance audit at NAB.

You may be one of these owed employees.

The FSU is dedicated to ensuring members get their owed wages as quickly as possible. As such, the FSU and NAB have agreed to prioritise former colleague members in allocating repayments.

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The first tranche of payments will cover underpayments from two key issues:

  1. The 26.1 divisor issue, which is the calculation of your fortnightly pay system; and
  2. Underpayment of superannuation.

Further tranches of remediation around other repayment issues will continue into the new year. If you aren’t impacted by these issues you may be by others, so keep an eye out for further updates.

2021 remediation – $90 million still to go

With approximately $90million in provisions still to be repaid to workers, the FSU will continue advocating for members and pursuing NAB to ensure these payments are made as quickly and transparently as possible.

Particularly around priority issues that have affected Group 3 and 4 workers, it is not acceptable that it takes a day longer than necessary to see owed wages returned to workers.

If you know a current or former colleague who is potentially affected and wants to be supported, ask them to join at

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary