ART EA Update: Four Day Week, Flexibility and more!

We’ve just finished two days of negotiations for your new Enterprise Agreement!

Four Day Working Week

The movement for a four day working week is gaining momentum around the world. You can read more about it here and here.

We’ve heard from people across ART that you want a four day week too. The data shows that four day weeks improve productivity, reduce absenteeism (and resignations), while improving employee wellbeing. What’s not to love?

In bargaining, the FSU presented information on how a four day week would work in practice, and why it’s beneficial to everyone working at ART and ART members. We said we would love to see a four day working week trial during the life of our new Enterprise Agreement.

ART said that they would consider our proposal.

If you’re interested in learning more about a four day working week, click here to register to receive FSU updates! We are holding info sessions in the New Year and would love to see you there!

Flexible Work

We’re happy to report that progress on flexible work entitlements is continuing.

We worked on how to define the teams that will develop their flexible working arrangement, and what happens where someone has personal circumstances that do not work with the team arrangement.

We look forward to finalising this clause in early 2023.

Progress on Pay, Superannuation and Leave

Discussions are progressing on important issues like pay, superannuation, leave and redundancy.

The FSU team focused on a pay increase that keeps ahead of the cost of living and rewards our contribution to ART. We want to see superannuation entitlements that reflect best practice and our leading role in superannuation.

We discussed the importance of leave entitlements that support our wellbeing by giving us a break, and the ability to manage our lives outside work.

As change happens, we need choice and control over our futures at ART and an Enterprise Agreement to support that.  And to deal with a situation where job losses cannot be avoided, we opened the discussion on fair and consistent retrenchment entitlements.

We were pleased to see so much common ground with the ART Management Representatives, and look forward to more detailed discussions early in the New Year.

What’s next?

Bargaining meetings will recommence in January followed by a three day, face-to-face intensive meeting at the start of February.

The FSU and ART are committed to concluding the negotiations as soon as possible, while also making sure that we have the best Agreement for everyone working at ART.

How can I get involved?

1) Join the FSU

We secure the best enterprise agreement through standing together. The FSU is the union for everyone at ART, and together we are building a leading Enterprise Agreement at ART. There is strength in numbers, so join us!
2) Join our ART EB22 WhatsApp Group

If you haven’t already – you can join our WhatsApp to post questions to our group and get live updates during key bargaining moments.
3) Reply to this email, or email bargaining@fsunion.org.au with your feedback and suggestions on our Enterprise Agreement!  


Your voice matters in these negotiations – the FSU is at the table representing you and we want to know how these proposals will impact you and your team.

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