ART Enterprise Bargaining

Our Voice, Our
Conditions Survey

It’s time to have our say! Click here to participate in our 2022 Enterprise Bargaining Survey!

Last week we had a great Townhall where we talked about what matters to us – including fair wages and superannuation, better access to flexible work and increased transparency around pay.

What matters to us is what we will take to management when we negotiate our new Enterprise Agreement.

From our responses to this survey, we will develop our log of claims. Our log of claims sets out the industry leading terms and conditions we will fight for in bargaining to cover everyone at ART. Every voice counts as we prepare this.

Please share this survey far and wide with your colleagues at ART so that everyone can have a say.

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Please fill in our survey by Friday 8 July. Share it far and wide.  Then we will report back on our findings and our exciting new log of claims.

Together we will win better conditions for all of us.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary