ART - The Flexibility Discussion Continues

Today we’re back in the bargaining room!

Over the next three days, we will discuss crucial entitlements such as fair pay increases, work hours, redundancy, and leave with Australian Retirement Trust (ART).

As you know, some of us only saw a 0.5% pay rise in July 2022. Even with a 3% increase, the rising cost of living has been hard. Inflation reached 8.4% in December and currently stands at 6.8%.

We cannot accept any offer resulting in a real wage pay cut.

That is why we are calling for an 8% pay increase (inclusive of the amount already received) for all staff from 1 July 2022 to stay ahead of inflation.

Last bargaining meeting update

At our last bargaining meeting, ART management negotiators presented a revised flexibility clause to the table, which was a substantial shift from the clause we had previously made lots of progress on. The main topics of discussions were:

  • How team arrangements can reflect our flexibility for both where and when we work; and
  • ART’s ability to direct us to attend the office when they determine the need arises.

The FSU bargaining team told ART that flexibility is one of our top priorities.

We want flexibility entitlements that offer choices in work location and hours. We want to be able to collaborate with our teams and the Fund to decide office attendance frequency.

The ART management team agreed to go away and revise their clause to reflect our discussions.

Flexibility is cost neutral, supports the best outcomes for Fund members, and it matters to us. We look forward to hearing ART’s revised proposal.

What’s happening next? 

The FSU bargaining team is doing everything we can to push this bargain forward. We share your frustration at the time this is taking and will keep you updated as things progress. We are ready to bargain on every topic.

What can I do? 

Your voice matters in this bargain!

Email or call Jordan (0434 160 856) any time about the issues that are important to you.

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