What would you ask the Bendigo AGM Chair?

We have now lost 816 Victorians due to COVID-19 and there are still 175 active cases.

It’s disheartening that during an unprecedented time like this, Richard Fennell would not even meet with you to hear your stories of working on the frontline. Instead he replies with an insensitive email. Many of you have written to us to tell us how disappointed you feel.

You can read some of your colleagues’ thoughts on Richard here.

Is Bendigo really ‘the better big bank’?

To add insult to injury, targets have not been suspended and there are reports of managers pressuring staff to the point of risking their mental health.

In 11 days, Bendigo will be holding its AGM. If you were able to attend, what questions would you ask the Chair? What stories would you share? Register your questions and comments here.

In Unity,
Nicole McPherson
VicTas Local Executive Secretary

PS If you haven’t already, sign our petition for an Essential Allowance and share this link with your colleagues.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary