Australian Mutual Bank Enterprise Agreement 2020 Successful Negotiations by FSU – AMB drops RRR Proposal...

AMB have dropped its proposal to makes changes to the current redundancy provisions that apply to Endeavour Mutual Bank workers. The proposed changes reflected a significant reduction in the severance payments entitlement as outlined in our previous Update.

AMB yesterday informed the FSU that not only will they retain the current provision but also apply it to all Sydney Mutual Bank workers (SMB). This will mean a significant improvement to the SMB group of workers.

In addition, AMB have also agreed to retain the current Picnic Day entitlement which will be available to all AMB employees under the proposed new agreement.

The FSU congratulates all members and AMB workers who provided feedback which we took to the negotiating table – your collective voice has been heard.

The FSU will continue to advocate on behalf of its members. If you are not a member, now is this the time to join at

We encourage you to share this Update with your work colleagues.

The FSU will keep you posted as negotiations for your new agreement continue.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary