AustralianSuper helps debunk some common myths about investment risk

It’s important to understand the risks involved with your investment choices. However, not taking risks may affect returns on investment over time.  

AustralianSuper helps debunk some common myths about investment risk: 

Shares are too risky  

In the short-term, the biggest risk with shares comes from uncertain market conditions. If you sell shares during a downtown, then your investment may not have enough time to recover.  

In the longer term, avoiding any investment in shares often comes at the cost of lower returns. 

Cash is a low-risk choice 

Cash can provide more stability but also delivers lower returns. Moving investments to cash to avoid short-term market conditions can also risk missing out on stronger returns when markets recover. 

Focusing on the long-term allows you to invest in assets that offer the chance of higher returns.  

Avoid investment risk as you get older 

Many retirees aim for a more comfortable lifestyle than the Government Age Pension alone can provide. 

With government data showing the average retiree aged 65 is likely to live for around another two decades , continuing to invest in growth assets may be worthwhile. 

Changing market conditions are the only risks 

Inflation is another risk to consider, with price rises over time potentially affecting the purchasing power of your money. If savings or wages don’t match or outpace increases your quality of living could go down. 


  1. Investment returns aren’t Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.
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