AustralianSuper Joint Consultative Group meeting outcomes

Last week we attended our last meeting of the FSU – AustralianSuper Joint Consultative Group (JCG) for 2021.

Our Enterprise Agreement establishes the JCG as a forum for the high level exchange of information, sharing of feedback and discussing issues in the workplace.

Last week, we discussed:

  • The classification structure at AustralianSuper – our Enterprise Agreement provides that one of the purposes of the Joint Consultative Group is to review the current classification structure with a view to simplifying it.  Our priority in these discussions is to ensure that you can provide input to our new classification structure.  Any new classification structure must be fair and reflect your feedback.  AustralianSuper is in the preliminary stages of this process and will be in touch once there is any detail for us to discuss.
  • Consultation when things change – we discussed the importance of genuine consultation when there are restructures at the Fund.  In particular, we focused on the need for AustralianSuper to provide complete responses when you ask questions so that you can genuinely engage in the consultation process;
  • COVID-19 Health and Safety – we requested a copy of AustralianSuper’s COVID-19 risk assessment and mitigation strategies.  We discussed a range of measures to keep you safe at work including proper ventilation and the role of vaccinations.  We will review AustralianSuper’s risk assessment and look forward to their consultation with you on vaccination requirements;
  • Motor Vehicles – one purpose of the Joint Consultative Group is to review the current motor vehicle clause in our Enterprise Agreement.  AustralianSuper advised that it no longer wishes to pursue any changes to the vehicle arrangements. We also asked about the KPMG review into the tax implications if the Fund were to introduce a car allowance. The Management Representatives advised that seeing that it has been decided not to change the current policy of providing fully maintained motor vehicles, this review was no longer relevant.

Many of you will be aware that in October, we lodged a formal dispute in the Fair Work Commission as AustralianSuper had failed to meet its obligations under the Enterprise Agreement in relation to replacement of work vehicles.  Keep an eye out for an important update on this dispute next week!  You will hear all of the details of this dispute, and how you can get involved in making sure that our Enterprise Agreement is respected.

The Joint Consultative Group meetings are an important forum between the Union and the Fund.  We are there solely to represent you, so if there are any issues or concerns you would like raised, please get in touch.

In Unity,

Your FSU JCG Representatives
Jennifer Trevascus – Workplace Rep
John Simpson – Workplace Rep
Nicole McPherson – FSU Branch Secretary

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary