AustralianSuper - Member Domain Change and Project Auxo Update

Yesterday and last week Alex Cousner (FSU Industrial Specialist) and Daisy Gardener (FSU Superannuation Campaign Manager) ran sessions on the current change in Member Domain.

The change

The change we discussed involves the Membership and Brand, and Member Experience groups merging to become the new Member Domain, and specifically changes to the CE-3 and CE-4 roles.

Rights to consultation and our RRR rights

Alex talked through our rights on major change under our Enterprise Agreement including our right to request information and genuine consideration to our feedback prior to the fund making any final decision about the change. He also talked us through our rights under Redundancy, Retrenchment and Redeployment.


Download our factsheet on change at AustralianSuper

Staff feedback and questions

We raised a large number of questions about the change. The FSU sent our questions to Vanessa Hanning and Rose Kerlin. We asked questions about the availability of position descriptions, greater clarity on the change, the potential impact of changing titles, transparency when roles are filled, the difference between roles and rem/grades for each title and many more.

We have requested responses be provided to the whole Member Domain. We have also requested that the fund share with us any changes that are made as a result of feedback received during the consultation period.

Next Steps

We have asked for confirmation about the next round of changes in Member Domain – specifically when the consultation period for the next change will start.

If you or any of your colleagues are not yet a FSU member, now is a very important time to join.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your AustralianSuper organiser Laf Zuccarello on 0434 160 523 or at lafcadio.zuccarello@fsunion.org.au


Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary