30 March 2023

AustralianSuper: Tell us what’s important to you by 3 April

We have officially kicked off bargaining for our new Enterprise Agreement, after AustralianSuper issued the Notice of Employee Representational Rights last week.

Urgent: Tell us what’s important to you by 3 April


As we commence negotiations, we’ll be developing our log of claims to take to AustralianSuper – this will contain all the issues we want to see addressed in our new Agreement. We urgently need to know what issues are most important to you.


survey: tell us what’s important to you

Please complete our quick, online survey by Monday 3 April. 

It is vital that as many of us as possible share our opinion about what we want. As your FSU Representatives, we are listening carefully and making sure that our collective views are represented.

Survey information is kept strictly confidential by the FSU. Please share the survey with your team and colleagues so they too have an opportunity to have a say.

Meet with us next Wednesday


We have an initial bargaining meeting with AustralianSuper on Monday afternoon. At this meeting, we will simply be looking at procedural matters including the frequency and length of future meetings. We will not be presenting the final results of our survey or a log of claims at this meeting.

We are holding a meeting next Wednesday 5 April at lunchtime to come together and discuss the results of this survey and hear your feedback before developing our final log of claims. We hope you’ll join us – please keep an eye out for your invitation.

Next week, our organiser Laf will be in the Melbourne office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Laf is looking forward to hearing from you – and if you are not in the Melbourne office you can always call him on 0434 160 523.


survey: tell us what’s important to you


If you are not a member yet, now is a critical time to join the FSU as we head into bargaining for a new agreement.


Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary