11 July 2019

B & P Restructure - NAB Provides More Information On Associate Workloads

FSU members have made our feedback clear on the B & P restructure; there is concern about the impact on workloads and work/life balance under the proposal. That’s why we called on NAB to provide more information about what work has been done to verify the proposal stacks up.

Last week FSU members including Mary Resnik, Jack Ritchie and Jess Forde, met with B & P Leaders to hear more about the workability of the proposal.

Local Analysis

Regional Executives and People Leaders have been provided with local modelling and have now been encouraged to share this information with you. If you experience any challenges getting this information email nabmembers@fsunion.org.au.

Regular Meetings With FSU Reps

To ensure we can address any implementation issues promptly, we have scheduled additional meetings with B & P leaders on 14 August and 18 September. There will be an opportunity to provide feedback to your Reps ahead of these meetings.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary