Friday 23 August 2019

B & P Restructure... Staff at Breaking Point

Last week NAB reported on its positive third quarter performance – citing growth in small business lending and staff cuts as contributors.

But staff tell a story of stress at an all-time high, vacant roles, excessive working hours, and rampant wage theft.

You can read the full report here.

NAB pushing ahead with a “broken” system

While NAB acknowledged the fulfilment process is “broken” and systems and processes aren’t yet in place, they remain committed to pushing ahead with the second phase of the restructure in early September anyway.

The feeling on the ground is this is more about cost savings in time for end of year reporting, rather than being the best business bank in the world or ensuring the health safety and wellbeing of staff.

FSU puts NAB on notice

WHS laws require employers to assess and mitigate against risks to the health, safety or welfare of those in their workplace.

This week FSU wrote to NAB asking them to demonstrate appropriate assessments have been undertaken. These assessments should mitigate against the risks associated with a large-scale restructure proposal that involves carrying long term vacancies and is contingent on new systems and processes that aren’t quite ready or up to scratch.

You can review our correspondence here.

Want to be a B & P Workplace Leader?

With B & P staff spread across the country in BBCs and head office locations it’s going to be critical we have local representation on getting information to your FSU reps and getting it back your colleagues.

Nominate to be a workplace leader here.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary