Bad Behaviour yet again from Great Southern Bank

Tuesday was our second bargaining meeting and despite this enormous team, their behaviour at the table in just two meetings is appalling.

Whilst GSB put their claim on the table, there was no detail provided.  Regarding their pay offer, just hours after the meeting concluded an all-staff communication was sent which announced a pay offer of 2.25%.

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We want you know that we have not agreed to any pay increase, in fact not even had the opportunity to discuss it. As we made clear last week, we expect a pay increase that keeps us ahead of the cost of living.

 2.25% doesn’t crack it. 

We have not reached any agreement on Short Term Incentive (STI) Pay. We believe that we deserve a fixed and guaranteed pay increase, rather than a lesser pay increase with an uncertain STI, only paid at management’s discretion. If the last 1-2 years has told us anything it’s that we need certainty and security and we know that doesn’t come from STI Pay.

GSB have also indicated that they would like to reduce redundancy pay for new staff. As we mentioned, job and financial security are important to us now more than ever.

We don’t think that new staff should be worse off for coming to work alongside us at Great Southern Bank. Any grandfathering of conditions of employment only leads to lessening your own conditions over time.

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary