Important Vaccine Update

WBC, CBA, BoQ, Bendigo, Rabo and Suncorp Bank

Yesterday, our employers announced changes to their Health and Safety policies and how they propose to deal with COVID-19 vaccinations.

With government vaccine mandates in Victoria, NT and Public Health Orders in NSW requiring staff to be vaccinated, our employers have indicated that they want to adopt a consistent approach to the way they manage the risks of COVID-19.

You would have received details about what is being proposed by our employers. While there will be some differences across the sector, the key change is the requirement for a COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of attending our workplaces.

Our priority is your health and safety.

Our employers have an obligation to create safe workplace for everyone. Vaccination is one way of reducing the transmission of COVID-19, and plays an important role alongside other measures including PPE, home testing, improved ventilation and having enough leave to isolate if you need to. We also know that occupational violence caused by aggressive customers is an area that employers must address.

This is an opportunity for a comprehensive review of all measures that will keep us safe from COVID-19. A key part of that review is consultation with each of us.

We must have a voice in this process, put forward our suggestions, and raise ideas that will keep us all safe.



At this time, ANZ and NAB have decided not to go down this path. Their position is that COVID-19 vaccinations will only be mandated where it is required by the Government.

Wherever you work, our highest priority is the health and safety of those that we work with and our communities. Throughout the pandemic, FSU members have helped our community by serving customers on the frontline, answering their calls, and processing their loans. We have worked under stressful and difficult conditions. Let’s keep working together to get through this.

We are here to support you. If you have any questions about today’s announcement or about the Governments mandates or Public Health Orders, you can;

  • Call the Member Rights Centre and select option 1;
  • Send a text to 0488 816 113; or
  • Send an email to

Making sure that we are heard and have a seat at the table means that our employers are hearing directly from those of us who are affected by these policies. Add your feedback here.

From your FSU NEC Presidents,

Joh Tran (FSU President), Sacha Hammersley (WBC), Tracy Plitz (BankSA/BOM/STG), James Dixon (CBA), Paul Ferrari (NAB), Maurice Farrell (ANZ), Matt Rowe (Generals), Adam Fay (Bankwest)

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary