Tuesday, 3 July 2018

The outcome of the recent salary review for colleagues whose job roles were identified “in scope” by the Sedgwick Review, has been described by colleagues as shameful and dishonest. Last month colleagues were given a letter from their line manager which confirmed their new remuneration arrangements. The letter said “careful consideration has been given to assess your remuneration opportunity” and outlined what the new salary would be as from 1st July 2018. Member feedback has indicated most appeared to receive a flat 3% increase.

What the letter did not say was, that 3% increase was in fact the Enterprise Agreement (EA) 3% which was due on 1st July 2018.

Was your increase 3%? Do you think this is fair and transparent?

Members’ feedback during workplace visits and phone calls to the union continue to express shock and dismay. If you or your colleagues feel frustrated about what has happened, you can provide feedback by completing this short survey.

Please print out and complete the survey and return to the address below.

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Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary
Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary