Bankwest customer specialist training

FSU gets answers

Recent notification from management indicated that all Customer Consultant colleagues would be required to undertake training to upskill to the Customer Specialist role.

The message was pretty clear: it was compulsory and a schedule of training dates was circulated for managers to allocate colleagues to attend.

FSU met with Scott Spittles (GM Personal Bank) to share member feedback and seek clarification on the facts.

Confirmed facts:

  • The training is not compulsory and is by colleague choice and indeed optional.
  • Customer Specialist roles do not have individual KPIs.
  • Colleagues who have a preference to remain as Consultants can do so and generally should not be required to move branches.

Consultants who attended the training report some material was not up to date. Links to resources did not work and in general they did not feel it adequately prepared them for the new tasks. Other consultants were concerned about having targets for Housing Loan top ups and Housing Loan reviews.

Members expressed anxiety and increased stress levels about the impact of increased workloads.

We have requested current JDFs for the Consultant and Specialist roles which the bank classified as Level 1.3 as members said they have been unable to locate them on the bank system.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding the Customer Consultant and Customer Specialist roles please contact

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary