Did you get your share of the Millions?

26 April 2019

Have you got your share of the $Millions owed to Bankwest employees?

Following an audit of employee entitlements, Bankwest has owned up to owing employees amounts totaling millions of dollars.  The bank also identified significant entitlements outstanding, such as annual leave accruals.  This week the bank has written to colleagues advising them of pay and leave accruals owed to them.

Did you get your letter?

Members have contacted the Union concerned at the lack of detail in the bank’s letter.  They say the figures provided to them do not explain how the amount was calculated or for what period of time.  Feedback is – the bank is not being transparent in what is being paid.

Do you feel the amount owed to you is accurate?

Without complete transparency about how the dollar amount has been calculated, how can colleagues be sure it’s correct?  How can you be sure the calculation for annual leave accruals is correct?  You should have the details so you can check your own records.

FSU members can have assistance clarifying the bank’s letter of advice: you should sign the Appointment of Representative form from your FSU organiser. You can also download it at www.bit.ly/FSU_Form then contact the Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378 and ask for assistance.

Non members can join here using the link below and then fill out an Appointment of Representative Form as detailed above.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary