Bankwest Dishonest Pay Mix Review Falls Flat

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Survey Results Are Clear: The Pay Mix Review Was a Lie

After what has been described by members as “shameful” and just “smoke and mirrors”, the bank’s Pay Mix Review gets the thumbs down.

The 3% increase was already due as part of the EA, but the Bank tried to pass it off as the result of their Review!

The survey results say it all.

  • 90% said they only received a 3% increase to their pay
  • Some members said they had not even received the EA 3%
  • 83% said they expected to receive the EA 3% on top of the Pay Mix Review amount.
  • Members said the action of the bank was outrageous, sneaky, dishonest and against the banks own values and integrity. One member said “Why did they hide our EA 3%. What else are they hiding?”
  • Only 41% understood that the Pay Mix Review was as a result of the Sedgwick recommendations.

The delivery of this review has left colleagues confused about the reason it was done and the method used.

Other Serious Issues with the 3% Rollout

On Friday 20th July FSU met with the bank to discuss member feedback and the survey results. The bank acknowledged they were aware that approximately 80 colleagues had not received the EA 3% due to a computer glitch; they will correct that anomaly and backpay the correct amounts to the 1st July.

They also acknowledged there was a problem with the issue of Payment Summaries, which will now be reissued.

FSU asked, why tellers did not receive a letter advising them of the 3% EA increase and their potential STVR for 2018/19? The bank said they would correct this omission and provide the relevant information to tellers.

Your Union Can Answer Any Other Questions

If you have not received the EA 3% or have problems with your Pay Summary – or for tellers, if you don’t receive a letter outlining your STVR – contact the union’s Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378. All discussions are confidential.

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary