It's time to endorse our log of claims

Negotiations around our pay and conditions at the Bankwest are due to begin shortly. As a result of Covid-19 pandemic, we have witnessed unprecedented changes to our workplace practices. This means this round of negotiations will be one of the most important we have faced in years.

Over the past two months hundreds of you have provided your views on a new Bankwest Enterprise Agreement by completing our FSU survey.

Congratulations to everyone who took the first step to securing a new enterprise agreement by participating.

As always, the more of us that come together to actively participate in the campaign for a better Enterprise Agreement at Bankwest, the stronger our position at the bargaining table will be.It is now time to report back to you on the results of this survey and seek member endorsement on a position to take to the Bank.

To do this, we will be holding onsite and zoom forums. You can register below to ensure you have a say in our future Enterprise Agreement and we achieve the best outcomes for Bankwest FSU members.

Bankwest Place
Wednesday 16th June
Level 1 – Client rooms

Wednesday 16th June
6pm (WA Time)

In unity
Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary