11 June 2019

Bankwest Enterprise Bargaining to Commence Soon – Members Have Their Say

Over the past few months the union has consulted with Bankwest members via national workplace visits and a survey to hear what is important to you. You said pay, job security and workplace culture are priority issues in a new Bankwest Enterprise Agreement.

  • 92% want across the board increases greater than CPI that adequately reward colleagues’ contribution.
  • 94 % say Bankwest should be required to invest in training and up-skilling of all employees to future-proof employment opportunities.
  • 98% say Bankwest should improve obligations to retrain, reskill and redeploy staff if their role is made redundant.
  • 85% say work life balance would improve if relief colleagues were provided for all approved absences in the workplace.
  • 72% agree that there should be an increase in superannuation

We have taken your feedback and developed a “Claim” which will be tabled at the start of the negotiations.

Who is the Consultative Committee?

The union rules provide for Bankwest members to be represented by the Bankwest National Enterprise Council (NEC). During negotiations this committee acts as the Consultative Committee and is charged with making final decisions on your behalf.  It meets with the FSU regularly during the negotiations to consider offers from the bank.

Committee members are: Adam Fay (NEC President), Elizabeth Croft, Niamh Fay, Zoe Smiddy, Amina Sehic, Damian Egan, Christopher Murphy and Patricia Morrison along with volunteers Matthew Wilson and Jeremy Sumner from Denmark WA who will provide regional feedback.

On 29th May 2019 the Bankwest NEC considered and endorsed the Claim.

Who are the FSU negotiators?

Liz Croft has been nominated to attend the negotiations with WA Local Executive Secretary, Dianne Marshall. Adam Fay has been nominated to provide feedback to members and answer your questions via his email address adam.fay@fsunion.org.au.

Bankwest has yet to confirm their negotiators, however it is usual for representatives from areas of the bank affected by the clauses under negotiation to attend those meetings along with the bank’s lead negotiator.

Under the Fair Work Act Bankwest is required to issue notice of Representational Rights to all employees covered by the Agreement. The FSU will be representing Bankwest members at the table and you are not required to respond to the notice.

What can you do?

Ask your colleagues if they are a union member. If the answer is no, ask them to join you in this important activity. The current Bankwest EA provides industry-leading entitlements which need to be protected and improved where appropriate. This can only be achieved if others join and push for success along with you.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary